What makes us powerful?


 Wealth? Health? Intelligence? Planning for a retirement in the sun or avoiding a potentially disastrous retirement spent in penury? I don’t know about you, but I feel confused about all the contradictory messages being winged my way from government or marketers.


I belong to the Baby Boomer generation, born in 1947 (there, now you know how old I am). I hear some people say what a lucky chappy I am. I’m richer, healthier and wiser than any preceding generation. Other folks, especially government authorities and academics, warn of the onerous times ahead, long years of ageing, diminishing health and rising poverty (scary stuff). So what’s the truth?


One thing I discovered early on sitting in a ‘Beatnik’ coffee bar in Manchester in the early ‘60s debating The Bomb, Bob Dylan and Camus is that life never delivers certainty. And that means to get the most out of our journey, whatever our age, demands constantly making the effort to make our dreams come true.


I have never been prepared to wait all day for something to start happening. And that is why I helped start Wanobe. Wanobe exists to help you look for friends and family, play different kinds of games, shop, date and chat.


Some claim that today’s Internet has been shaped by the needs and desires of the younger generation, which may have been true before. But now – with Wanobe -there’s a place you, I and everyone else over the age of fifty can call our own, and shape according to our wants and needs. Now that is what I call power.


Let me know how you feel in the comment zone below, the good, the bad and the ugly.


Live long, live well, my fellow Wanobians,




About Wanobe, the business knowledge network
Writer, journalist and broadcaster, sixty-something David likes nothing better than being with family and friends, eating out and drinking great wines, and scuba diving.

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