Loving life


Anyone who ever thought that today’s generation of fifty-something folks would become fuddy-duddy copies of earlier generation can go suck an egg! All the latest evidence indicates most of us are living and loving life to the max – and intend to go on doing so for as long as we are able.


The generation that enjoyed the first summer of love some 40 odd years ago, put men on the moon and bogeyed across the disco floor, are still clearly setting the pace as trend-setters not technophobes.


New research shows that the over-50s are now even leading online shopping trends, for example. A survey by ad agency Millennium of 500 people online over the age of 50 found the Internet has become their favourite method for shopping.


Some 28-percent of those polled said they preferred to do their shopping online, compared to 23 preferred who prefer the high street. Over half (58%) of respondents claimed that Internet shopping took the hassle out of shopping. Meanwhile, books were selected as the favourite online purchase by 50% of those polled.


If you need even more evidence that we ‘baby boomers’ are still pretty cool dudes, then take a look at a study by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council. It says policy makers must take a fresh look at the behaviour of the baby boomer generation as they start joining the ranks of the retired.


The study notes how those ‘retiring today helped pioneer the creation of post-war consumer culture. And the habits they got into in the 50s, 60s and 70s with more money to spend on more things than previous generations is likely to continue’.


Let’s keep rocking, wanobians!


Live long, live well


About Wanobe, the business knowledge network
Writer, journalist and broadcaster, sixty-something David likes nothing better than being with family and friends, eating out and drinking great wines, and scuba diving.

3 Responses to Loving life

  1. Brian says:

    I’ve had a look Dave,
    Good content, lots of info. It does what it says on the tin – be nice to have more interactive content though. I suppose it’s quite new?

  2. Jackaroo says:

    Not bad – wish them well

  3. wanobe says:

    thanks folks … live long, have fun, travel safe

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