Just had a marvelous Christmas in Sweden visiting my three kids and five grandkids. It’s totally amazing seeing the generations unfold before your eyes. I am now soooo happy I married young, even if there have been a few divorces along the road, which was not easy for the kids, now the dust (or, this being Sweden, snowflakes) has settled all seems to be well with the world. I just wish that was true everywhere, but then what would we be if all we had was Eden? Watched an interesting documentary last Xmas Day night on Discovery Channel on the subject of Eden and its location. It’s made me want to read Genesis, not so much for the religious bits but for the historical data. Mmmm, soon off to catch a flight. How boring flying has become thanks to the terrorists. Crowded airports, long queues, not a lot of smiles compared to what you used to see some 15 years and more back when flying was still a bit of an ‘adventure’, and ground staff and airline crew alike had time to be pleasant and welcoming.


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Writer, journalist and broadcaster, sixty-something David likes nothing better than being with family and friends, eating out and drinking great wines, and scuba diving.

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