Live healthy, live independent

It is that time of the year when we all promise ourselves to turn over a new leaf, eat less, drink less, save more.

But, you know, I do not believe staying in good health is just about making sure we live longer.  For me, being healthy is very much about ensuring I stay as independent as possible and make the most of the freedom to move about freely in my daily life at home, work and play. And it’s also about building my individual wellbeing and enjoying personal growth – at every age.

All of us as individuals are ultimately responsible for building the quality of life we want to experience. That means we need to constantly chase a positive and integrated approach to health, whether it’s through eating or exercise, physical or mental.

Those of us over 50 are the faster growing segment of the population is most western industrialised nations. Our life expectancies as women and men are growing longer in Europe, North America and elsewhere. And quality of life for many of us is synonymous with the ability to move easily about the community in which we live.

All of this was driven home to me when I listened to the recent comeback album of the Eagles, who not only sang about ‘Life In The Fast Lane’ back in the Seventies, but also seemed to live the hedonistic California lifestyle full out.

Getting into the mood demanded sipping a tequila sunrise as I enjoyed listening to their latest music in the background while reflecting upon how the counterculture revolution had not led either myself nor most of my friends down an Age Wave road of burnout, addiction and satiation.

Instead, like many of my Boomer mates (I was born in 1947), I find myself enjoying all the nice things life has to offer, from light jogging in a gym to sailing, playing golf, eating out, drinking nice beers and wines and meeting new folks all the time.

Okay, life is not all sunny side up. I have mates suffering all kinds of maladies, cancers and unpleasant experiences, but loads of them are getting great medical treatments that deliver another vision of ageing that previous older generations never experienced.

Most Baby Boomers, according to research, expect to live beyond 80. Of course, that scenario demands increased public policy, personal finances and technological options to help people of that age maintain their independence. But life force is also key. Both my parents are in their eighties and enjoying living life out as loud as they possibly can in Spain’s sunny Alicante – without any government support or huge wealth behind them. Why? Because they think it’s fun!

Stay well, Wanobians, travel safe, have fun.


About Wanobe, the business knowledge network
Writer, journalist and broadcaster, sixty-something David likes nothing better than being with family and friends, eating out and drinking great wines, and scuba diving.

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