Older is wiser – proven!

Practice makes perfect, it seems, especially when it comes to brain function. Research by Danish psychologist Lars Larsen at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, indicates that as we age, intelligence either remains stable or actually gets sharper in some respects

Lars Larsen’s findings, based on studying the records of over 4,000 American ex-servicemen who had undergone IQ tests over a two decade period from the age of 20, helps overturn the notion that intelligence begins an inevitable decline after peaking in the mid-20s.

In fact, the research seems to prove that the older you get, the smarter you are likely to get.

Writing in the academic journal Intelligence, Professor Larsen said: “Verbal ability appears to keep on increasing over time”.

It is all due to our need to face different challenges as we move through life, according to the Danish researcher. And in order to describe what is happening to our world and to be able to cope with it, we have to develop our verbal dexterity.

The really good news with these findings is that it underlines yet again the role older people can play in continuing to contribute to society and its development. And that age is no barrier to doing things we’ve perhaps only dreamt of doing before, such as returning to education or starting a new business.

Go for it, folks.

Stay well, Wanobians, travel safe, have fun.


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