Women and men … are different

Wow! It seems that men and women have different attitudes to life!

That startlingly obvious conclusion  (for some anyway) was reached by the HSBC bank after a survey carried out for their The Future of Retirement Report.  Mmm, no wonder banks seem to be having problems nowadays….
However, before I come across as being overtly cynical, the survey did reveal some interesting data.
For example, the HSBC survey of 21,000 people aged between 40 – 79 years in 21 countries found that women and men have different expectations and behaviours, but when it comes to talking about ‘old age’, overall regional and country differences are of greater significance than gender differences. Overall, it seems women and men from the same country tend to reflect a local cultural bias, thinking and acting similarly.
The HSBC report looked at such issues as when people expect to retire, how many were obliged to retire earlier than wished and why. For the most part, men wanted to work on longer than women, although in the US and Brazil the opposite was true with more women than men saying they wanted to work for as long as possible.
This latter is certainly being borne out by Madonna, who is celebrating her 50 years on the the planet by continuing to live life ‘out loud’.
Like many other who saw her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (along with John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen, the Dave Clark Five and the Ventures) , I was just bowled over by her energy.
And what a hoot to see Iggy & The Stooges’ perform a rendition of Madonna’s “Burning Up” and “Ray Of Light” as well as Iggy’s use of suggestive tongue movements and a few gratuitous lines from “Like A Virgin” to serenade Madonna.
Rock on, Wanobians….travel safe, have fun.


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Writer, journalist and broadcaster, sixty-something David likes nothing better than being with family and friends, eating out and drinking great wines, and scuba diving.

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