Still rocking and rolling …

I remember first hearing the Rolling Stones perform life back in the early days of their career and being totally wowed by their energy. I am still amazed by their music making and ability to bounce around the stage performing at break-neck speed despite their ages.

I am also really looking forward to seeing the new film they have made with Martin Scorsese, Shine a Light. Judging by what Mick Jagger said in his interview with, the film promises to be a scorcher.

I know that one of the reasons for Mick Jagger’s ability to shake those hips of his the way he does is because he works hard at staying in shape. That’s a life attitude we should all try to learn from.

I just read a recent study that shows how regularly doing gentle yoga exercises can help reduce the risk of older people falling painfully. The US study found that just eight weeks of classes to improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility makes falls and fractures less likely to happen.

An extra bonus is that people, and especially women, who practised yoga designed for the over 65s also felt more confident and upbeat. The study was carried out by researcher Dr Jinsup Song at Philadelphia’s Temple University.

So there you have it folks. If you want to stay in top performer shape like Mick, start some gentle yoga.

Rock on, yoga it up!

Have fun, travel safe, Dave