GIive women a sporting chance!

Female athletes swept the medal board at the Olympics, but four out of five women in Britain apparently do hardly any exercise.

You can hardly avoid the sleek, toned and every inch an Olympic gold medallist, cyclist Rebecca Romero posing nude on her bike. After all, the 28-year-old’s naked image has been plastered across billboards to advertise sports drink Powerade.

There is a very good reason she has done so. The London-based Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF) are keeping their fingers crossed that Romero will inspire a new generation of sportswomen.

Facing the daunting statistic that only one in five women take regular exercise, the UK charity devoted to getting more women into sport admits it’s got a problem.
According to the foundation, girls and boys start out with equal levels of activity, but by the time girls reach the age of 16, they are half as active as young men.

“Girls as young as seven stop playing sports because they don’t want to seem ‘unfeminine’,” says WSFF chief executive Sue Tibballs. “But with images of women like Rebecca looking strong, successful and sexy, they might change their minds.”

But Tibballs says this kind of attention is all too rare.

“At a time when female obesity levels are soaring, rates of activity are on the wane and women are struggling with their body image, Tibballs says that sport could be the answer.

“We are significantly less active than other countries like Australia and the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. What’s great about the Olympics is watching women use their bodies in a strong and confident way. Predominantly the women who are famous in our culture are slim or skinny – the size zero generation. What kind of role model is that?

“It’s all about creating that cultural shift where girls grow up to think that doing sport, being fit and healthy is a really aspirational and a good thing.”

I have to say I agree. You can check the full story out on our sports page … Have fun, rock on, stay fit, friends!


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