App future as business tool further defined…

Setting a benchmark for corporate App development, delegates at a major social media conference in Amsterdam last week created, built and published on iTunes a unique iPad app.

The Social Media in a Corporate Context (SMCC) app was workshopped in a session led by David Noble, managing director of TKGB, a pan-European custom publishing agency that can be seen at Containing graphic and video content, the SMCC app was designed and completed within just four hours and made available for free download on the  iTunes App Store the very same night.

The app focused on content delivered by speakers at the conference, arranged by leading European comms publication, Communicate Magazine. So successful was the trial that Communicate is planning to repeat the exercise at its SMCC conference in London on June 2 at The Grange St Paul’s Hotel with industry leaders from across Europe.

Commenting on the achievement, David Noble said: “The lightning speed in turning around an app of high quality design and content is a clear demonstration of how such tools can be leveraged as a corporate communications channel. It clearly signals how easily high quality mobile apps and other social media tools can be created to promote stakeholder relations using high a quality journalistic design and writing approach.”

The SMCC app will be updated at the London conference and its content overhauled, showing once again how speedily mobile communications can become part of a communications strategy. TKGB will be incorporating live text and videos from SMCC London. If you have an iPad you can download the first SMCC app for free at

TKGB Limited is a ground-breaking media company producing a full spectrum of digital content and video designed exclusively for web platforms and mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and others, as well as traditional print publications and video for corporate brand clients. TKGB is partnered with top Scandinavian content publisher Tidningskompaniet with over 18 years of high quality content publishing expertise with corporate B2B and B2C clients. This is their web site, if you are in business it’s worth looking at …

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