Young entrepreneurs open for business

Everything we do in life starts with an idea, but not all ideas catch on. One idea that has gained real traction as a recession beater is the Young Entrepreneur Society (YES), the brainchild of Carly Ward who left college in 2009 to become one of the 936,000 young people who were unemployed in the UK.

Only 19 years old, Carly felt the only path out of her jobless state was to start her own business. But how? An Internet search delivered information overload: “if you Google “How to Write a Business Plan” did you know more than 20 million results come up? What a nightmare!” she wrote in a recent article in Business Matters magazine.

Cutting a long story short, Carly decided to create a programme that teaches young people entrepreneurial and life skills. She contacted some of the top entrepreneurs in the UK to ask them how they began their amazing journeys and what made them super successful in life.

Carly recalled: “I asked them questions from a young person’s perspective – who cares about economic growth strategy in China. Us young Entrepreneurs want to know the nitty gritty real life stuff – how successful people became successful, what their advice is, how to get funding and how to never give up when things get tough!”

Most of those she contacted agreed to see her and share their experiences in recorded interviews that became an integral part of Carly’s ‘The 12 Steps to Success Programme’. The Young Entrepreneur Society also gained early support from The Prince’s Trust and later on, the Fredericks Foundation.

YES offers network membership to the YES Network, described as the first and only network for young entrepreneurs under the age of 35. It is a ‘hub’ for young entrepreneurs to socialise, learn and grow together in a fun atmosphere.

Carly’s YES has a superb philosophy that helped her become the winner of Inspirational Women in Business Award 2011, a Prince’s Trust Ambassador and also a Member of new steering group set up by the Minister of Business and Enterprise Mark Prisk, advising on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. The YES philosophy states that ‘future employment and the prosperity of the entire world depends on fresh talent, ideas and energy of the emerging youth – they are the ones who will mould the core future of global business and economic growth’.

YES believes everyone deserves the right to take part and contribute to the world’s future and Young Entrepreneur Society will lay down the foundations for young people to become our future great leaders and captains of industry.

Frankly, I am bowled over by the thinking and wish YES and Carly every success in the future in helping to make dreams come true. Like Carly I firmly believe ‘there are no limits to helping and encouraging all young people to reach their full potential by starting to seriously plan their future and become successful in life.

You can meet the YES team here

And please let all of us on Wanobe know what you think about this amazing initiative as a force for good.

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