Worldwide web gender differences

Wanobe founder/CEO Dave Noble

Are you aware that more women are online today than men. And did you know that men and women are adopting web technologies such as social networking, blogging and location-based activities at different rates and for different reasons? I’ve taken a fast look at some of the gender differences in web use in 2011.

–       Men make up a minority of the overall Internet population – there are 95.9 million men online (48.2%) compared to 103.2 million women (51.8%), according to eMarketer.

–       Nielsen Online found that men prefer user-generated video sites (like YouTube) while women take more of a liking to video streams of TV shows (such as those offered from Hulu);

–       social web search company Rapleaf put out a report saying that men are more likely to use social networks for business while women use them to build personal relationships;

–       men are also more likely than women to share their writings, photos, videos, and other creations online, according to Northwestern University;

–       men think they’re the kings of Internet security, even though they’re equally affected by security threats as women, according to a survey funded by security software maker AVG.

–       Women Tweet like Venus, Men like Mars. Both genders have adopted Twitter at similar rates, but for different purposes, according to a Comscore study. Men are more likely to post their own Tweets, while a larger percentage of female Twitter users say they use the site to find deals and promotions, use the service as a conversation medium and to follow celebrities.

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Writer, journalist and broadcaster, sixty-something David likes nothing better than being with family and friends, eating out and drinking great wines, and scuba diving.

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