Now here’s a marketplace hero…

The world of business is full of amazing people working hard to be successful. Many overcome tough obstacles, from shortage of finance to illness, to make the dream of running their own business come true. One such person I met recently is Mandie Holgate, an Essex-based business coach, writer and speaker. She also runs a branch of the Business Womans’ Network, BWN, an organisation geared not only to help women exploit their entrepreneurial skills, but also to help educate them how to do the right things right in order to get the success they deserve. Eight years ago, mother of two Mandie fought back from her own severe depression to start the BWN to help other business women overcome their fears, comfort zones and grow their business. We connected because Mandie responded to the call for the government to celebrate the contributions of small and medium sized enterprises to the British economy by backing a Small Business Owners Day. Mandie said the idea had captured her imagination. Why? Here’s what she said:“The Business Woman’s Network was created to give women an environment to learn new skills, to be known as the expert, to promote their business and get the results they want for their professional success. I am passionate about helping people appreciate their skills, their loves and their passions in life and bearing. The women and men managing SMEs (companies ranging in size from one person to 200 employees) do so much for us, creating most of the jobs in the private sector and contributing around £1,589 billion of private sector turnover.” Mandie says she agrees with that small business people are the unsung heroes of the marketplace and that in these tough recessionary times their efforts should be acknowledged. Thanks Mandie, all of us at are happy to welcome the Business Women’s Network to our effort to celebrate the efforts of smaller businesspeople.


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One Response to Now here’s a marketplace hero…

  1. John says:

    Celebrating all those people who quietly get on with running their own business day in and day out is a great idea. Let’s hope the idea catches on …

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