Call to celebrate UK’s 4.5 million micro business owners with a special day gathers pace

Here’s some great news. Our call at for a national micro business owners day in the UK to celebrate the entrepreneurs running Britain’s 4.5 million small enterprises has won the backing of the Forum for Private Business and The Business Woman’s Network.

At a time when lack of jobs has led to record-high unemployment, the men and women running small businesses across the country are the unsung marketplace heroes, representing a huge source of dynamism for the UK’s battered economy.

Some 95% of all UK enterprises are micro enterprises. And they provide a third of all UK employment, so it is high time to acknowledge the role the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit is playing in driving forward the national economy.

The formula for a successful and thriving small business for the UK’s micro-enterprise owners has little to do with Dragons Den-like aspirations, it is about working longer hours than just nine to five, Monday to Friday to build a successful business and support families. Small business entrepreneurs should be seen as the real role models for the next generation, especially considering the numbers of under-25s who are obliged to take on work part-time because they simply cannot find fulltime jobs.

“Celebrating micro-business owners’ achievements is in line with the ‘Get Britain Trading’ initiative being run by the not-for-profit Forum of Private Business, which provides small business support, advice and help for firms across the UK,” Phil McCabe, the Forum’s media and PR manager, told Wanobe.

“The fight to get the UK’s economy back on its feet is being spearheaded by micro-business entrepreneurs, but many people do not understand what it is like to run a business, whether a fruit and veg shop or an outdoor pursuits centre. Launching a Micro Business Owners Day to celebrate the efforts and contributions of small business entrepreneurs is a great way to underline how bright ideas, creativity and commitment help generate new jobs and economic growth.”

Mandie Holgate, of the Business Woman’s Network and a leading business coach, says that the number of self-employed women now exceed 950,000 with some 15% of all businesses majority female owned. “Yet too many women are having millionaire ideals thrust down their throats when in actually fact they should be incredibly proud of the positive input they are creating to our economies and society with the self employed roles they take on.”

She told us that ‘running shops, cafes and hairdressing salons and working as designers, plumbers, accountants and coaches, female micro-business owners often have to balance their family lifestyle and responsibilities with putting in the hours to sustain a successful business. We believe wholeheartedly celebrating the real contributions women are making as small business owners to creating economic stability.’



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