Tablet and Smart Phone Use Becoming Number One Cause of Joint and Muscle Pain in North America

In this day and age the use of tablets and smart phones is the most popular method for communicating, but it is also causing a rising trend in the number of doctor visits for Repetitive Strain/Stress Injury (RSI), according to a PRWEB article.

Dr. Suneel Sharman, a family physician and co-founder, said he has a growing number of patients who have been injured by their smartphones, tablets and computers.

“The number of questions our free medical Q & A website gets related to RSI has tripled in the last 2 years. The number of patients i physically see at my family practice due to RSI has also become a very large number,” according to Dr. Sharman.

The average person in the United States who owns a cell phone sends 1000-1500 text messages a month, according to CTIA which is the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry.

Prakash Chand, a serial entrepreneur from Toronto says he sends about an average of 300 text messages a day to employees, family and friends and has recently developed RSI. He has been using a Blackberry since the first day they came out and then recently switched to an iPhone.

“I have no choice but to text, it is the only way I can easily communicate with my employees and its easier than picking up a phone and wasting time calling someone,” he said.

The important thing to do is seek treatment early. Early treatment can cure the patients symptoms and when managed by a skilled chiropractor, physiotherapist or sports medicine doctor, the patient can be symptom free in weeks according to Dr. Sharman.

“RSI really affects people’s lifestyle as we use our hands and fingers for almost everything we do, ” says Dr. Sharman.

Dr. Sharman expects that the smart phone companies will eventually design better ergonomically shaped phones to help reduce RSI but says it will always be important to maintain a regular workout of strengthening and stretching exercises to prevent future occurrences.


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