Exciting changes at Wanobe

Wanobe is really following up on our reader survey a few weeks back by delivering some exciting new options.

You asked for more community enhancing things to do, so we have now launched a movie clip gallery where you can place your video clips on Wanobe, open either to your family and friends or available for everyone visiting the site.

I really hope you find this new function easy and fun to use – and, remember, it’s free.

We have also updated the look and feel of our astrology pages. Now you can read what Wanobe’s inhouse astrologer Patrick Arundell believes the stars have in store for you today, tomorrow, during the week or month ahead in a easier-to-read style.

Even more great things are happening now or are in the pipeline.

Wanobe now gives you the opportunity from your own home to visit a virtual hospital, probably the first of its kind in the UK, to get in touch with GMC registered doctors. Apart from providing advice, they’ll also be able to issue prescriptions for a number of treatments for problems such as erectile dysfunction or weight issues and you can have the medicines delivered to your home.

We like this service so much that we have negotiated a 10% discount for everyone from Wanobe who signs as a member at UK-Med during May. Just go the the Wellbeing section for more information, or click here on UK-Med .

These type of enhancements to the Wanobe site are just the start of some exciting new developments. So please stay with us, and tell your friends and family about all the benefits and fun things you can find at Wanobe.com.

Keep on rocking, Dave

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