Fun week With Wanobe Make-over: Cooler Design, Easier To Use, More Fun

Wow, I can hardly believe that six months have passed since we launched as the lifestyle place for folks over fifty in the UK and elsewhere. It has been hectic but huge fun, especially as more and more people choose to join the Wanobian community.

To celebrate this minor milestone, and to show we’ve been listening to you, we’ve redesigned our website to create a simple and more user-friendly interface. We have added improved and new features enabling you to stay more easily in touch with family and friends or make new contacts. And you can have fun playing great classic games (remember Pacman?) or Suduko as well as comment on restaurants and bars.

I hope you like what you see. From the start our single aim has been to be age positive. We do not believe that just because we have passed fifty we want to be told how to tackle a lack of dexterity. We want cool stuff not geriatric tools. Our view at Wanobe is that most women and men who have celebrated passing fifty want to live life out loud, just as loud as they can, as couples or singles.

Frankly it’s not strange that any of us born during the 30s, 40s and 50s should think that way. After all, we are the trendsetters who walked on the moon, staged the first summer of love in 1967 and made the Beatles and Rolling Stones icons.

Why should we cut back on our lifestyles just because we’ve turned fifty or sixty or seventy? Okay, money may be in shorter supply than most of us would have hoped, but we all enjoy going to shows, taking trips and enjoying drinks and dinner with friends.

Wanobe is here to help you reap the rewards of all your years of hard work, whatever your financial or emotional reserves, by delivering fun things to do, providing support and sharing knowledge. We are determined to help you have a good time whatever your life stage or lifestyle – and I pledge we will never knowingly treat any of you as ‘old’.

Relax, enjoy and keep on rocking!